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The perfection of Japanese figures, which is considered to be the world's top level. In particular, the reproducibility of the two-dimensional characters is noteworthy. Popular anime and characters are often made into figurines, and a full-fledged one usually costs several thousand yen. Some of them are tens of thousands of yen, and there are things that are limited to hundreds of thousands of yen. This time, we will introduce how popular these figures are and how they are produced.

1. Planning


 ・Prototype producton After deciding what kind of figure to make  and in what size, a prototype is made by hand or using a computer. It is the job of the "planner" or "planner" to plan what kind of figure to make. A “planner” may even be in charge of production management at a factory.



2. Prototype production

・We will create the original “genkei” of mass-produced figures. The "prototype" can be created as data using a computer, or created entirely by hand.
(The person who creates the prototype is called a “prototype master”. Different companies call it differently. Prototyping using a computer (ZBrush, etc.) is called "digital modeling", the person who does this work is called a "digital prototype teacher", and making a prototype by hand is called "tegenkei". increase.)                                      



Prototype production is divided into two parts. Hand sculpting and digital sculpting.

Hand Sculpting

 ・Once the prototype is ready, we make a “mold” for mass production. In the case of a resin cast kit, a mold is made with silicone rubber. Molds are prepared for mass production of finished products made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or ABS resin.                   


Digital Sculpting


・A mold is made using a silicone mold of the prototype. If the prototype is data, you can cut the metal directly with a machine to make a mold.



4. Completion sample / colored sample production

onlyfigure・the produce finished samples and colored samples for use in product packaging and advertisements. If the product is a kit, the "completed sample" is sent to the factory.

(A "finisher" is a kit (parts state) figure that is turned into a finished product. Both the person who makes a finished sample at the request of a manufacturer, etc., and the person who makes a finished product at the request of an individual are called "finishers."


5. Factory mass production

factory・If the product figure is a finished product, most of them are mass-produced at overseas factories in Asian countries such as China and the Philippines. If the product is a small lot and is a kit, it seems that there are many domestic.



6. Sales

・Products that have finished inspection and packaging are lined up in stores.

and than,

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