Collection: My Hero Academia Figures

Our selection of My Hero Academia figures includes a range of characters, from heroes and villains to chibi Nendoroids that are both cute and poseable. You can also find fixed-pose My Hero Academia anime figures capturing dynamic battle scenes. With these figures, you can recreate many memorable moments from this popular series and collect your favorite hero.
 The world of My Hero Academia centers around individuals who possess unique, superhuman abilities called Quirks, which have allowed many to pursue the profession of a Pro Hero. They protect people from harm, be it from natural disasters or villainous Quirk users.
 Despite being ridiculed for his lack of a Quirk, Midoriya Izuku aspires to become a Pro Hero. His heroic nature becomes apparent when he jumps in to save a classmate from a villain's attack. This catches the attention of the legendary Pro Hero All Might, who helps Midoriya begin his journey to becoming a Pro Hero and acquiring his own Quirk. As All Might would say, "Remember for what cause you clench your fists!"