Who We Are?

Hello. I am Muhammed (my Japanese friends prefer to call me Mohan) I am the founder of OnlyFigure and This Is Our Story!

My best friend Harry and I decided to start OnlyFigure in the parking lot of a figure store in Aichi during my senior year of college.
(right is me , left is harry and my old red car)

Our goal was to make a site where all anime lovers could easily access 100% licensed products, and which did not seem complicated at first. We prepared the onlyfigure site in 6 months. During this difficult journey, Harry and I were working at our part-time jobs in the mornings and working on the site at nights.

We were creating a website for the first time in our lives and all the plans we made were not following properly. I can say that we were going through a difficult period.

We had a lot of little things to deal with. These are where the products will be kept, the long time it takes for the police to issue a permit in Japan (3 months), and keeping a makeshift office on paper (the photo is the first office). These were problems that seemed big to us at the time. We had a small old carrier car and it was a lot of fun and challenging to carry the 180cm chair to that office.

(harry with red chair. we buy recycling store)

First Office (It was a better place than it looked:)

As you guessed, we did not get any sales on the first day we made the site online (it was around 1 am). Our plan was to go online and close the site if we didn't make any sales within 6 months.

The day we made our first sale, the 5th of October in 2021 (this is my birthday), was the best birthday gift for me. I was in Kyoto that day and I captured my happiness in a picture. 

this is my first sales smile with macha latte In kyoto

Thanks to you, our valued customers, who are reading this text, we are now approaching our 2nd year (2024) and we cannot wait to send the products that we have carefully packaged, in this story that you are now a part of.