Collection: All Ichiban Kuji Figures

Ichiban Kuji is a popular lotto in Japan. Figures, posters and other prizes from many different anime, manga and game series can be won in this lotto. Ichiban Kuji is especially popular with anime and manga fans and is often held during special events or fairs.
  Ichiban Kuji figures are specially designed and limited edition collections.These figures depict popular characters from anime, manga and game series and come with special accessories. Ichiban Kuji figurines are usually made of high quality materials and stand out for their special size and detail.
  Ichiban Kuji figures are very popular with collectors and their value may increase over time. Also, as many figures are limited edition,some may become very rare and sought after.
  Ichiban Kuji collaborates with many popular anime and manga series every year. The figures produced as a result of these collaborations bring fan favorite characters to their lives. Some popular series include One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto,My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer,Attack on Titan,Sword Art Online, and many more anime and manga series.
  Ichiban Kuji figures are popular in Japan as well as followed by many fans around the world. Collectors can obtain prizes in different ways, such as through sweepstakes or online sales sites.