Collection: Banpresto Figures

Banpresto figures are made from a variety of materials, for example plastics such as PVC, ABS and vinyl. Figures can vary in size and range from small key chains to large scale sculptures. Figures allow fans to showcase detailed, vibrantly colored and unique designs of their favorite characters.
  Banpresto figures often feature characters from popular anime and manga series. For example, characters from popular anime and manga series such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece,Naruto,My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan are common among Banpresto figures. These figures can be collected by fans or used for decorative purposes.
  Banpresto also produces figures from video games. For example, characters from popular video games such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Street Fighter are among the Banpresto figures.The company also produces various arcade games, and the characters from these games are also reflected in their figures.