Anime figures are special items valued by collectors.However, they can be damaged or discolored if not stored properly.Therefore,using the right storage methods is very important to prolong the life of the figures. Here are the correct storage methods for anime figures:


how to care anime figures?

1.Protect from Dust

The place where the anime figures will be stored should be free from dust.Figures stored in a dusty place may become discolored or dirty.To avoid dust,clean the figures before storing them and store them in a closed display case or box.


how to care anime figure?-onlyfigure blogs

2.Protect from the Sun

Colors of anime figures may fade when exposed to sunlight.Therefore,it is very important to keep the figures out of sunlight.Choose as dark a place as possible to store the figures.If you are going to use a showcase,make sure that the glass includes a protection that blocks UV rays.


how to care anime figures?

3.Protect From Moisture

Anime figures can be subject to damage such as mold or corrosion in humid environments. Therefore, choose a dry place to store the figures.If you have to store them in a damp place,check the figures regularly and use dehumidifiers or dehumidifiers.


how to care anime figures? onlyfigure blogs

4.Protect from Damage

Breaking or scratching anime figures is a very common problem during storage. Therefore, use a suitable protective material to store the figures.You can use specially designed boxes or showcases to store your figures.These materials can protect figures from damage and are ideal for long-term storage.


how to care anime figures? onlyfigure blogs

5.Store in Transparent Box

Storing figures in clear boxes can provide better protection against dust,sunlight, humidity and heat.In addition, transparent boxes are an ideal option for displaying figures while protecting them from dust.

how to care anime figures?-onlyfigure blogs

6.Do Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is very important to keep anime figures for a long time. Periodically clean and care for the figures.To clean dusty figures,use a microfiber cloth. Also,check the figures regularly and act immediately if you detect damage.

how to care anime figures?-onlyfigure blogs

 Care anime figures is pretty easy when the right methods are used. You can keep your figures away from damage by protecting them from dust,sun and moisture.You can also reduce the risk of damage when storing your figures,by using appropriate protective materials.A long-lasting and trouble-free collection.

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