How To Spot Fake Versions Of Anime Figures?

Fake versions of anime figures can sometimes look the same as the original figures and in some cases can be of very similar quality. However, the differences between an original anime figure and a fake one can sometimes be noticed. Here are some tips for distinguishing fake anime figures:
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An original anime figure comes in a carefully designed box. There is the original brand logo on the box. A fake figure may come in an irregular box or without a box. The original boxes have the serial number of the figure on or inside.

original fake figures


A fake anime figure may be inferior in quality to the original. Poor quality materials may have been used, the painting may be uneven, or the figure is less detailed than the original.

original fake anime figures

original fake anime figures
3.Brand logo and presence or absence of Copyright seal:

An original anime figure bears the manufacturer's logo. The brand logo or label of a counterfeit figure may differ from the original or be defective. Basically, most figures sold in Japan have a copyright label. Copyright labels are affixed to the front, top, and back of the box, so you should check for those as well.

original fake anime figures-blog

original fake anime figures


An original anime figure includes all the details of the character. A fake figure may contain omissions or errors in details.

original fake anime figures-onlyfigure blogsoriginal fake anime figures5. Source of purchase:

An original anime figure can be purchased from a trusted seller or from an authorized dealer's official website. A fake figure is usually bought from dubious sellers or online sales platforms. You can encounter fake figures in major markets such as amazon, aliexpress.

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