What is anime figure?

 Japan is a country that is said to be a manga superpower and anime kingdom, and there are many goods related to manga and anime. "Anime figures" are representative of this, and Japanese anime figures are attracting worldwide attention due to their high reproducibility and quality.
 Here, let's introduce the basic knowledge about such anime figures.

What is the difference between figures and dolls?

 There are toys called "dolls" that are similar to anime figures. Both are toys shaped like characters, but what is the difference between the two?
A doll is a toy that imitates a person. On the other hand, anime figures are toys that imitate anime characters, and include non-human products such as robots and vehicles.
In addition, anime figures are basically made to reproduce anime, so they are faithful reproductions of the original works. The fact that not only the face and physique but also the clothes and accessories that the figures wear are recreated is one of the unique charms of anime figures.
what is anime figures?

What types of anime figures are there?

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  What kind of anime figures are there? Basically, the main focus is on products that realistically reproduce the subject matter, but there are also quite a few products that have been deformed. Deformed products have a unique charm, and a special feeling unique to deformed products is born.


    You can also see products that allow you to freely move your hands  and feet and reproduce your favorite poses. In addition to that, there are many products with interchangeable parts, so anime figures can be said to be toys that you can customize to your liking.


 As you can see, there are many variations of anime figures, so people of all ages can choose products according to their purpose, decoration style, and hobby.

price range and size

Anime figures come in a variety of sizes, and each size has its own charm and characteristics. Here, let's explain the types of figure sizes.

[Type 1] Life-size anime figure

 Among anime figures, there are many life-size products that faithfully reproduce the works that are the subject. The appeal of the life-size figure is, above all, the "powerfulness".
If you display the life-size product in your home, you will feel as if the character has just stepped out of an anime, and you can also observe the details.

[Type 2] Small-scale anime figures

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 There are also many figures that are slightly smaller in scale than the works that are the subject. The scale is represented by fractions such as 1/2 and 1/4, and all parts are made small according to the scale.
Small-scale products do not take up much storage space, so they have the advantage of being easy to decorate. Also, in recent years, the quality of figures has improved, and even small-scale figures are reproduced in detail.

[Type 3] Nendoroid

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Nendoroids are anime figures of anime characters that have been scaled down to about 2.5 heads. Although the reproducibility of the subject work is not high, it is a product that has a unique cuteness and loveliness, and is attracting attention from a wide range of age groups.
 The size of anime figures can be broadly divided into the above three categories. However, when it comes to large figures, the "price" will be a point of concern.
The price of anime figures varies greatly depending on the product. If they are manufactured in large quantities, there are many cases where even life-size figures can be purchased for several thousand yen. However, it is not uncommon for the price to exceed 100,000 yen when the number of products manufactured is small and the reproducibility is particularly high.
Smaller scale products tend to be cheaper overall, but there are some figures with a premium that are produced in small numbers. In this way, it is difficult to judge the price of an anime figure simply by the size of the product, so when you find the anime figure you want, it is advisable to first collect information and check the market price. At onlyfigure, you can buy figures cheaply and without worrying whether they are replicas or not. If you are interested, please check:https://onlyfigure.com
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