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 Banpresto Co., Ltd.was a Japanese toy company, and a former game developer and publisher, headquartered in the Shinagawa Seaside West Building in Shinagawa, Tokyo The current iteration of the company was formed on April 1, 2008, with the focus on the toy consumer business. The company was dissolved in February 2019 and combined to Bandai Spirits, with the company getting all the rights and duties of Banpresto. 


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It is one of the types of figures that Banpresto makes, and it is the best colored figure that secures the largest size in the history of Banpresto prize and the coloring work constant as much as possible. They aimed for the best, and each edge has the soul of the creator, and Grandista never gives up on perfection, always seeking and realizing better expressions.


Ichiban Kuji is a lottery that BANDAI SPIRITS sells at convenience stores, bookstores, and BANDAI NAMCO Amusement stores nationwide, without losing character goods.


Megahouse is a manufacturer known for manufacturing figures and games, and belongs to the Bandai Namco Group. The predecessor of Megahouse, which was established on March 2, 1962, was Kagaku Giken, and in March 1996, it became part of the major company Bandai. In July 1997, the company name changed to Megahouse, and we will sell a series of figures featuring precise and fixed poses. 


A hobby EC site that develops high-quality products created with the concept of "FuRyu figures go to the next stage". Utilizing the manufacturing know-how that FuRyu has cultivated through amusement exclusive prizes and character lottery, we will provide products that are particular about planning, modeling, and quality.



 Founded in 1947, Kotobukiya is a figure maker with stores in Akihabara, Tokyo and Nipponbashi, Osaka. It is also known to handle various types of figures, including action-type figures, trading minifigures, and resin cast statues. In addition, it can be said that it is also characterized by running a blog specializing in beautiful girl items and disseminating  various information.

We are a manufacturer that plans, produces, manufactures, and sells products from various works, mainly hobby products such as figures. Especially for figures, while valuing the world view of the work, we deliver products that are particular about aesthetics, sophistication, and playability to fans all over the world.

Our mission is to continue to stimulate and expand the hobby market around the world through our products and services.


 Alter figures cannot be posed and played, but they are known for their high degree of perfection.It is mainly made from 1/6 to 1/8 of each character, and is also known to be larger in size than other figures.In addition, while there are many figures in the Bishoujo series, Alter also develops male figures and mecha figures.